Impartiality Statement

OSS understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out management system certification act

  1. Audit staff are prohibited from participating in the Audit of any organization to which they have given assistance, by consultancy or training(other than professionally regis tered auditor training), or where they have any financial or commercial interest for a minimum period of 2 years prior to the date of application of the organization for registration.
  2. OSS and its Audit Team Member or staff shall not disclose the confidential information of Client to any third party, without consent of client. Or if it is required by Law. Under the confidentiality Agreement Policy of OSS.
  3. OSS direct employees are prohibited from engaging in consultancy activities, which involve the active design, generation or implementation of a Management System.
  4. All directly employed Management and Staff are required to declare all financial interests or business activities on commencement and during the period of employment.
  5. OSS shall not certify another certification body for its management system certification activities. o The OSS and any part of the same legal entity system shall not offer or provide management system consultancy .
  6. The OSS and any part of the same legal entity shall not offer or provide internal audits to its certified clients. The OSS shall not certify a management system on which it provi ded internal Audits within two years following the end of the internal audits.
  7. The OSS shall not certify a management system on which a client has received Management system consultancy or internal audits , where the relationship between the consultancy Organization and the OSS poses an unacceptable threat to the impartiality of the OSS.
  8. The OSS shall not outsource audits to a management system consultancy organization. (Note – This not applicable to Individual )
  9. The OSS's activities shall not be marketed or offered as linked with the activities of an organization that provides management system consultancy.
  10. OSS shall not state or imply that the certification from OSS would be simpl er , easier , faster or Less expensive , if a specified consultancy organization were used or if any consultancy organization claims that if OSS were used , the certification would be simpler, easier, faster or less expensive. In this case OSS shall take action to correct inappropriate claims by any consultancy organization.
  11. All OSS personnel, either internal or external, or committees, who could inf luence the Certification activities, shall act impartially and shall not allow commercial, financial or other pressure to compromise impartiality.
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