Complaint Handling

Complaint Handling

Customer Complain/Dissatisfaction/appeal list

  1. The complain/Appeal received through Email / letter/Telephonic shall be entertained.
  2. The con cern of complain/Appeal shall be noted in customer complain sheet and conveyed to the Operation Manager/ CEO .
  3. The receipt of complain/Appeal shall notify to the concern person or organization (those who have made the complain/appeal) by suitable method of communication.

The person responsible for handing the Appeal/ complain shall verify the nature of Appeal /Complain is directly related to certification activity (About Con duct of Audit/ certification decision/About OSS management system/ beyond the scope of OSS Activities) or Personal certification (Training). Then it shall be dealt as per the requirements for handing Appeal/ complain below in clause 4 to 6 below
Customer dissatisfaction / appeal dealing list

  1. Complain/Appeal which isn ’ t related to OSS certification activity shall be dealt by the person in charge /CEO and reported verbally. And then it shall be closed after ensuring th at it is noted on customer complain / appeal File
Appointment of Investigation Team

  1. OSS shall appoint the independent investigation team and shall ensure that the persons engaged in the appeals - handling process are different from those who carried out the audits and made the certification decisions or linked with Appeal/Complain
  2. The result of investigation shall be recorded i n customer Complain / appeal File
customer dissatisfaction / ap peal dealing report

  1. Take actions to settle Appeal/complain and record the result of measures in customer Complain/appeal File.
  2. Notify customer /Interested Party who raised appeal/complain of the result of action taken.

  1. OSS shall ensure that customer /Interested Party who raised Appeal/complain is satisfied with the result of measures taken against Appeal/complain.
  2. If yes, close the activities of investigation and notify to Customer/Interested Party who raise Appeal/complain,in written and take the written consent, for acceptance/satisfaction.
  3. If not, continue the investigation, till satisfaction of customer /Interested Party who raise Appeal/complain.
customer dissatisfaction/appeal dealing report

  1. The appeal /Complain received to OSS, shall be attended within 72hrs.
  2. Raised appeal /Complain shall be conveyed to the CEO and note in customer complain/Appeal file.
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